June 28, 2022



Walima the Sunnah method

Islam is a peaceable and straightforward faith to apply. The faith of Islam doesn’t assist the agenda of relationships earlier than marriage. That’s why it’s stated within the Quran and Sunnah to get married. The act of marriage is the happiest and most holy act to carry two souls that love one another perpetually. They need to respectfully strategy the household of the particular person they wish to marry and tie the knot. It’s an occasion of happiness and love that brings two households and two souls collectively in a pleasant and holy bonding. For somebody keen on marriage, there are two methods to choose, it’s a must to do nikkah first, and after the nikkah, based on the Sunnah, the peaceable ceremony of walima. It’s important to know in regards to the information of each acts and implement them in your life to embrace the love in direction of tradition.

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What’s walima?

Walima is the opposite and second conventional act within the marriage. It performs an important position in Islamic traditions or Islamic tradition. The walima ceremony is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad; peace be upon him. As in Islam, you possibly can say that as in Islam, it acknowledged clearly that nikkah ought to apply in a quite simple method with solely simply the quick household of each bride and groom. So walima could be a ceremony the place you possibly can have fun your happiness and crucial relationship of your life, together with your shut household and mates. Allah Almighty loves that the ceremony ought to be held based on Sunnah with simplicity and love.

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How ought to Muslims have fun walima?

Because the significance of walima could be very a lot in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, himself had walimas after his nikkah ceremonies, and he used to serve the visitor merely with bread and meat. So many Islamic students have completely different ideas about walima. A few of them say that it should be instantly carried out after the nikkah ceremony; some imagine that they need to wait and have fun walima after the nikkah. Nonetheless, you possibly can have fun walima after the nikkah or the day after the nikkah. It is determined by you. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has stated you could have fun walima after two days of nikkah.

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Celebration of walima

Based on the tradition and rituals, the groom has to prepare and plan the entire occasion and invite the relative’s shut family and friends of the bride to this ceremony. You may as well ask the religious-cultural neighborhood they’ll additionally attend the occasion of walima. It’s liked in Islam that everybody invited to this occasion of happiness ought to settle for the invitation of walima with the entire coronary heart and be a part of the ceremony. It is determined by how a lot time they wish to keep in the event that they’re going to eat or not. In Islam, it’s inspired that the ceremony ought to be easy. Few issues are guided as effectively to keep away from within the walima ceremony, which is, demanding presents, displaying off the bride, asking for cash from the bride facet. So long as a majority of these customs are maintained, the faith of Islam will likely be secured, and the traditions and tradition will stay perpetually.



Islam doesn’t permit displaying off the wealth and spending further on occasions. Islam is the fitting faith and really simple to apply. The walima ceremony in Islam is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet used to carry the walima ceremony after his nikkah, and he used to serve the visitors meat and bread. The ritual of walima is owned by the groom’s facet with none problem. It ought to be an intimate ceremony with all of the family members, and there shouldn’t be the thought of spending the cash extra.