June 22, 2022




The relation of fogeys for an individual is important and valuable. Mother and father play probably the most essential half in an individual’s life. Our mom and father have sacrificed many issues for our future and happiness. What mother and father do for his or her kids can’t be executed by anybody else. Their love and care for his or her children are selfless. Islam has constantly highlighted the rights of Mother and father. Our faith has taught us how a lot love, care and respect our mother and father deserve from us. Their rights have been talked about a number of occasions to us. We’re commanded by ALLAH (SWT) to provide all of them the respect, love, and affection. The Holy Quran talked about that we must always by no means damage our mother and father bodily or mentally. 

“…No mom needs to be harmed via her youngster, and no father via his youngster…” [Quran 2: 233]

Islam has taught us many issues via which we will fulfill the rights of fogeys. Now we have been taught all of the methods with which we must always deal with our mother and father. The significance of Mother and father has been talked about a number of occasions in Quran:

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Islam has taught us to be mild and smooth with our Mother and father. Their respect and dignity ought to at all times be maintained. We must always at all times be loving in the direction of our mother and father. Being obedient in the direction of mother and father is without doubt one of the predominant features of our faith. Youngsters ought to at all times obey their mother and father; the one factor which shouldn’t be accepted is simply mother and father drive kids to commit any form of sin. In any other case, obedience and goodness ought to at all times be proven in the direction of Mother and father. 

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The significance of the mom has been talked about a number of occasions in Quran and Hadiths as effectively. A mom carries a toddler in her womb for 9 lengthy months, and the ache she endures whereas giving start to a child can’t be simply expressed in phrases; not solely this, she spends her complete life making her children higher human beings. The significance of mom may also be understood that when a person got here to Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and requested to whom we must always present extra kindness, the Prophet (SAW) replied to him, “Your mom. ” The Prophet (SAW) was requested the identical query thrice, and all thrice his reply was “your mom “and when requested the fourth time, the reply of Hazrat Muhamad (SAW) was “your father.”


The standing of Mother and father is so excessive in keeping with our faith Islam. The extent of their respect is only one step under the idea in ALLAH. Allah says: 

“And your Lord has decreed that you just worship none however Him. And that you just be dutiful to your mother and father

Within the above Ayat, two issues are talked about collectively: one is to worship one and solely Allah, and the opposite is to meet our mother and father’ duties, which is evident sufficient to indicate the excessive standing of fogeys in Islam. 

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Respecting mother and father can be a manner of exhibiting gratitude and love in the direction of them. Allah and his final Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), have constantly emphasised giving nice respect to folks. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) revered mother and father simply after providing prayers on time. That is the extent of respect faith Islam has given to folks. When the Holy Prophet was as soon as requested which deed is most favored by ALLAH. The Prophet (SAW) replied: “prayers supplied on time, “he was then requested: what after that? The Holy Prophet (SAW) replied: “kindness in the direction of mother and father.”

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In a nutshell, Islam has at all times drawn consideration in the direction of the significance of Islam. Not solely the position of the mom is vital but additionally the daddy. The mom who carries the kid in her physique for 9 months is as vital as the daddy who works day and evening selflessly with out considering of himself only for offering good meals and shelter to his kids and for his or her betterment and shiny future. Muslims are obliged to respect and be type to their mother and father because it’s an integral a part of our faith. Now we have to care for them the identical manner they cared for us once we had been younger and helpless and couldn’t do many issues by ourselves. There may be additionally Dua for our Mother and father talked about in Quran: 

“My Lord, have mercy on them, as they raised me after I was a toddler.”

―Quran 17:24

Each individual ought to recite the dua each day for his or her mother and father because it sums up every part our mother and father want from ALLAH (SWT).