Karen Harding

A Newcastle girl originally from Co. Durham, 22 year-old Karen Harding has one mission: to bring vocals back to the forefront of house music.

"I want to bring what Whitney Houston brought to '80s and '90s R&B to house. I'm all about the vocals and bringing back really cool harmonies and strong ad-libs that people can get excited about. But most of all I want people to enjoy themselves to my music."

After posting a series of covers online it was her take on Disclosure's hit single 'Latch', fronted by Sam Smith, that pricked up the ears of fast-rising producer MNEK“He got in touch and invited me down to London for a session that was due to start at 4pm,” she remembers, “But when I was halfway down on the train, just past York, he called to cancel as something had come up. I told him you can’t cancel on me, I'm on my way! So we only had 2 hours but 'Say Something' came out of that session.”

The track marries Karen's first love – classic female-fronted R&B – with a UK garage flavour, bold beats propelling her powerful vocals skyward. ‘Say Something’ is a statement of intent, a command to get on the dancefloor and show what you're made of. It's also the beginning of a fruitful partnership for Karen and MNEK with several more co-written tracks in the pipeline.

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